Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pregnancy Without Pounds

You're about to discover the SECRETS that most pregnant women will never know about
Looking Good & Feeling Great during pregnancy!

Pregnancy does NOT need to be an endless struggle. You don't need to feel FAT, UNATTRACTIVE and UNCOMFORTABLE. With Pregnancy Without Pounds™, You'll Discover:

• How to avoid unwanted excess pounds.
• Exactly which pregnancy exercises get you fit and toned
• How to have an easy labor and quick recovery
• Exactly what you need to do now to lose weight fast after delivery
• Secrets to minimize stretch marks and cellulite
• How to crackdown on food cravings (and why you’re having them)
• Secrets to looking and feeling like a sexy mama

And much, much more...

Most New Moms Let Themselves Go...

They indulge in their cravings, stop exercising and use pregnancy as an excuse to eat the house.

There’s no denying that when you have a big belly, feel nauseous and have aches and pains – the last thing you feel like doing is getting up off the couch or thinking about what you’re about to put in your mouth.

And that’s why most pregnant women gain more weight than they should, struggle to lose the excess pounds afterwards, and feel downright miserable.

How many times do you hear moms complaining about the “last” five or ten pounds from pregnancy that they just CAN’T seem to lose?

And how many women do you know that have turned to using dangerously restrictive diets and strict exercising routines (all the weight-loss “tricks”) to get rid of those UNWANTED post-pregnancy pounds?

In fact, many women spend the rest of their lives feeling like they’ll never get their “pre-pregnancy” body back– they don’t feel sexy or attractive.

Who said staying in shape and looking good during pregnancy has to be HARD?
There is a proven program for you to get through your pregnancy in better shape than most other women in as little as 27 minutes a day and with minimal effort.

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